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Company Profile


After over thirty years of development, Loncin has become a holding company taking industry as its foundation. It controls four listed companies and takes part in one listed bank. The fields it operates in include manufacture, environmental protection and renewable resources utilization, auto trade,  investment and financing ,etc.


Loncin is the main shareholder of Loncin Motor (SH603766), USUM Investment Group, which is the shareholder of Chiho Environmental Group (HK00976), and Shanghai Fenghua Group (SH600615). It’s also one of the main shareholders of Hanhua Financial Holdings (HK03903), Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank (HK03618SH601077). Hanhua Financial Holdings is the founder and the largest shareholder of Chongqing Fumin Bank, the first private bank in Central West China. The unlisted companies include Chongqing Jinling Auto, etc.


As of 2020,Loncin has nearly 30,000 employees, including about 5,000 overseas employees. cumulative tax is about 10 billion,For 19 consecutive years, Loncin has been remained in the list of Top 500 Enterprises in China.