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Hanhua Financial


Hanhua Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (SC03903) is a national financial investment group checked and approved by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and the largest private micro financial investment organization in China. Its subordinate company, Hanhua Guarantee Company; Hanhua Petty-loan Company is the largest and most unique private petty-loan company. Hanhua Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. regards “Manage Credit, Administrate Assets, Serve People’s Livelihood and Create Value” as its core idea and provides clients with a comprehensive financial service combining guarantee, factoring, petty-loan, assets management and credit management. Its subordinates--Hanhua Guarantee and Hanhua Petty-loan companies are two micro financial service series with about 100 network agencies and over 10,000 clients all over the country and their comprehensive strength, network layout and business scope rank in the front among peers and the first in the national private guarantee enterprises. In 2011, “Hanhua” became the first company in financial services in Chongqing to acquire the brand of “China’s Well-known Trademark”. In June, 2014, Hanhua Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became China’s first inclusive financial institution integrating these two platforms--financing assurance and petty-loan together to list in Hong Kong.

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