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Talent Concept


Talent is the insurance of development, an important footstone of 30 years of Loncin’s rapid growth. Loncin regards professional and high-leveled talent introduction as an investment behavior with highest yield. We effectively manage talent as the first resource, pursuing high harmony and unity between personal development of personnel and enterprise development.


●Talent Evaluation Criteria

For professional talents—dedicated, responsible, creative, and promising

For management talents—mission, responsibility, innovation, and contribution


●Loncin People’s Core Value

Based on the systematic thinking and plan of “benign interaction and sustainable development among individuals, enterprise, society and environment”, we establish “Integrity, Sincerity, Dedication, Innovation” as our core value which was formed during Loncin’s long-term development, the common ideology and faith, behavior criterion of Loncin people, the ideological foundation of unified and struggling Loncin people.



Develop character before behave. The priority lies in integrity. Loncin people emphasize in integrity, frankness, open-mindedness, hope and gratefulness in their behaviors. With integrity in mind, people can do the right thing and use their strength in the right place.



Focused in doing things, sincere in treating people. A successful business lies in whole-heart while a social network is built from sincerity. Loncin people stress in concentration without distraction in their behaviors, be sincere and keep their promises to colleagues, clients, partners and the society.



Respect your own career, proficiently master vocational skills, observe professional ethics and try every means to do your own work well. In the meantime, earnestly design your own career, seek your own growth and development in enterprise development.



Be open-minded, broaden outlook, develop innovation ability, actively seek breakthroughs, try to discover, invent, create and advance in your own field of career.


●Talents We Need:

Focused on the three strategies of Loncin Holdings to create the future “Internationalization, Industrial Leader, Management Innovation”, in accordance with the mission “Gather Strength, Create Value”, the following 3 talents are needed:


Investment Talents: talents with possess rich experience in project investment, familiar with investment project acquisition, investment analysis and assessment, due diligence, transaction design, business negotiation and other investment operations.


Financing Talents: talents equipped with rich financing resources, experience in creative financing mode and channels.


Compound Management Talents: talents with integrative management talents provided with multi-industry, inter-functional, cross-business areas, cross-cultural management experience.