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Industry Dynamics

Loncin Motor Increases Performance by 10% in Last Year

Release Time:2015-03-25 16:32:26   Full Screen


Loncin Motor announced their annual report of 2014 in last evening; they created operating income of RMB 6.643 billion with 2.13% increase on year-on year basis, net profit of RMB 610 million with 10.51% increase on year-on-year basis and net profit RMB 554 million after non-recurring profit and cost being deducted with 11.79% increase on year-on-year basis; earning per share in 2014 is RMB 0.76 and it’s planned to distribute cash bonus RMB 2.28 (including taxes) per 10 shares.

It’s reported that the profitability of Loncin Motor was continually increasing in 2014; they created gross profit up to 19.76% with 0.72% increase on year-on-year basis, domestic operating income of RMB 3.347 billion with 5.76% decrease on year-on-year basis and overseas operating income of RMB 3.354 billion with 10.27% increase on year-on-year basis. Longcin Motor is trying to create the operating income of over RMB 7 billion in 2015. A relevant leader of Loncin Motor said they have established and are powerfully implementing “Diversification around One Core” developing strategy, aim to be “A Service Supplier of Clean Power System”, try to expand newly-rising business including miniature electric cars, unmanned helicopters, light weight automobile parts and agricultural intelligent equipment and complete the holding plan on Guangzhou WANON Electric & Machine Co., Ltd. by target placement. (Referring to the report in Page 19 of Chongqing Economic Times on Mar.19th of 2015)