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Industry Dynamics

Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Province Hu Chunhua Visited Loncin Motor

Release Time:2015-05-15 05:34:17   Full Screen


Member of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong Province Hu Chunhua, Executive Vice Governor of Guangdong Province Xu Shaohua and Secretary-general of the Party Committee of Guangdong Province as well as their team accompanied by Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Guangdong Province and Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhuhai City and Mayor of Zhuhai City Jiang Ling came to Zhuhai Tsinghua Science Park for investigation and survey and mainly visited the unmanned helicopter products of Loncin Motor on May 8th.

At the reporting site, the unmanned helicopter jointly researched and developed by Loncin Motor and Tsinghua University was extraordinarily catching eyes. Hu Chunhua asked Technical Team Leader of Loncin Unmanned Helicopter and Chief Engineer of the project Professor Wang Haowen about the advancement, industrialization progress and market future of the unmanned helicopter; besides, he requested Zhuhai Government to provide practical support of policies and funds to the unmanned helicopter project and try to introduce more high-tech projects like this one from Tsinghua University; what more, he emphasized it’s important to strongly support the development of advanced equipment manufacture industry.

Unmanned helicopter product of Loncin Motor is a key project introduced by Zhuhai Government, whose application range covers civil and military use and its design and performance in various aspects are leading in our country. Currently we have XV-1 and XV-2 two models for the product; XV-1 has great performance and wide application range; for civil use, it can be applied for road patrol, geological prospecting, forest fire prevention, emergency rescue and rescue; for military use, it can be applied for investigation, search and rescue. XV-2 can be mainly used in agricultural plant protection including pesticide spraying, seeding and collecting professional data of agricultural informatization with sensors.