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Industry Dynamics

BMW Scooter C400X Produced by Loncin Realizing Mass Production

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Recently, the complete BWM C400X scooter project produced by Loncin Motor passed the mass production inspection of BMW, had the conditions for batch production of complete BMW C400X scooters, and started to produce C400X products in batches according to BMW’s requirements. Up to now, Loncin Motor has accumulatively produced 150 C400X scooters. In 2005, Loncin Motor successfully held hands with BMW and began to develop cooperation  in the 650CC engine project. In 2007, 650CC engine was successfully mass-produced. In 2013, Loncin Motor and BMW signed a long-term supply agreement for new engines with large displacement. In 2015, Loncin Motor and BMW signed a long-term commissioned manufacturing agreement for large-displacement scooters in Chongqing. According to the technical data provided by BMW, Loncin Motor would manufacture 350CC large-displacement water-cooled scooters (including complete scooter and engine) for it. The newly developed large-displacement scooters, which meet European IV emission standards, are mainly used for urban leisure walking needs.