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A Letter to Staff of Loncin

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A Letter to Staff of Loncin

Dear friends, 

The year 2018 was over. This year was loaded with mixed feelings, and loaded with too much sweat and hard work. There were so many things worth remembering this year. The downward pressure on the economy, severe market competition and trade frictions between China and the United States affected most private enterprises in an unprecedented way, and Loncin also encountered great difficulties. Let’s have a deeper understanding of struggle, and a deeper understanding of trust. What’s gratifying was that, on the way forward, we were together in difficult times, and shared the sunshine, the wind and the rain. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to all Loncin people and your families, and wish you a happy New Year.

We must move forward. No matter how great the difficulty is, we should keep the faith of going forward. Only by moving forward can we see the future. The year 2019 is worth looking forward to. It’s the 100th anniversary of May Fourth Movement and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the great motherland. And Loncin is also 36 years old. The hot blood of youth, the feelings for home and country, the responsibility of growth, and the time and space throughout the history merge in 2019. It reminds us that, in the New Year, we should be indomitable.

We must live up to the times. At the age of 36, a man is in the prime of his vigor, and it’s the best time for a man to make achievements. It is the right time to make an effort! Only when we rise to the challenge and make real achievements can we be worthy of our times, our families and ourselves. We must send out the roar of shining spears and armored horses, send out the flutter of wings and the light of wisdom. We need to make innovations faster, do things more effectively and return sweat with results. At the age of 36, Loncin should have the courage to meet the challenge, and challenge the uncertain tomorrow.

We must walk together. Because of peer and trust, we can arrive. We should open the door to 2019 together, instead of tailgating. We should lead the way together, instead of sitting back and enjoying the rewards. We should bloom the wonderful life together, instead of lingering in place.

Let’s start again in 2019. It ain’t over till its over. Let’s remember our original intention and fight for our common belief. Let’s do it. Loncin people will create a better tomorrow for Loncin with the action of no matter what job you do can you leave your mark.


Best wishes!


A Member of Loncin: Tu Jianhua

January 2019